Golden Manchurian Quail
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The Golden Manchurian Quail is a Coturnix breed of quail.  They are a migratory bird that originated in eastern Asia.  They live primarily in grasslands.  They are full grown at 6 weeks and will start to lay and mate shortly after.  The hens can produce more than 100 eggs in a year.  These birds are non-aggressive and are good to keep in an aviary.  The hens are nonbroody.  My quail are very friendly and a delight to tend to.  Their cheerful chirps of greetings when they hear you coming with the feed can makes every morning bright.  Quail are also good for pets, teaching hunting dogs, and for hunting.  Very delicious and nutritious.


All quail orders under 50 must be Express shipped.


Joe and Beth's comments:  Very friendly, talkative little birds. 

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Golden Manchurian Quail

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