French Golden Cuckoo Marans
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These birds originated in the Western French town of Marans.  These are an extremely rare breed, having feathers on their legs makes them even more rare.  Marans are known for their dark brown eggs.  Golden Cuckoos are similar looking to cuckoo Marans but have a golden color to their plumage.  the golden color will vary bird to bird.  Hens tend to be slightly darker than the males.  The average mature weight of the rooster is 8.5lbs., the hens are 7lbs., making them a good dual purpose fowl as well.

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Joe and Beths comments.  We are working on the coloring in this breed.  Our hens range from a light to a darker Golden color.  We prefer the lighter hue of the Golden color and this is what we are breeding for.  They are a beautiful and very rare breed of Marans.

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French Golden Cuckoo Marans

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