Cedar Creek Bluebell Super Layers
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The Cedar Creek Bluebell Super Layers are a gorgeous blue bird that lays as well as an Isa Brown.  They will lay in between 250 and 300 eggs a year.  They are good natured and easy to work with.  With small combs and wattles, they are a good pick for cooler climates.  The hens lay large brown eggs that have a plum hugh. Average mature weight of rooster 7lbs., hens 5lbs.  As with all blue poultry you will get some black and white splash birds.

Due to several large orders preseason we can only due 25 srt.run, Only 15 pullets per order until further notice.

You must pay for Express shipping at checkout if your order totals less than 15 chicks.


Joe and Beth's comments,  We are currently working on a sex link version of our bluebells, we hope to have it ready by mid season. All the pullets will be blue.


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Cedar Creek Bluebell Super Layers

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