Bourbon Red Turkeys
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Bourbon Red Turkeys are a rare heritage breed and were admitted into the American Standard of Perfection in 1909.  They were developed in Pennsylvania and later brought to Kentucky.  They were given their name for Bourbon County, Kentucky where they were very popular.  They are a good meat bird, toms are up to 35lbs., the hens around 20lbs.  They have light pinfeathers so will dress as cleanly as the white birds.  The plumage is a rich, dark chestnut color, with the wing tips and back of the tail are white.  they are a very attractive looking turkey.  They have a very calm disposition.  Like all heritage breeds, they mate naturally and hens are good mothers.  Turkeys come straight run only.

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Joe and Beth's comments,  Great meat bird easy to handle.

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Bourbon Red Turkeys

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